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Lincoln Company

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September 6, 2013 | Comment

For twenty-seven years Lincoln Company, LLC, a specialty grouting contractor, has been performing various soil stabilization techniques for projects throughout the Midwest. Soil grouting provides numerous benefits that canabout_lincolnllc eliminate the need for de-watering, lagging, sheeting, or pier installation, and can be performed months or hours in advance of the project needs. Grouting applications provide side-wall and slope stability during excavation, increased bearing capacity for structure support during excavations and a reduction in soil permeability to provide a water cut-off.

Lincoln Company regularly consults with engineers, contractors, and owners to develop effective, innovative and economic solutions for soil problems using the┬ámost state-of-the-art equipment and technology available. “Offering smart solutions to a variety of problems” has been and will continue to be our forte. Please explore our website for a complete list of our services.

At Lincoln Company, LLC we take pride in our ability to develop innovative alternative solutions, respond quickly to short lead times, maintain project communication and come in on budget. In other words, our Customer Service.